Saturday, May 13, 2006

New online retail - 4PLAY

4PLAY.CLUB is Online & now in Business!!

Playful and Kinky PopART of Xiaobao...
Dark arts of Sloth...
authentic pen & ink of Wing...

3 Different Artist, 3 Different concepts, ideas, themes and genres, 3 Different drawing styles and Art presentation; a Wide range of Artwork for your pleasure viewing, a Great variety of Products for u to choose, buy and collect.


Tee Designs

slothstudio t-shirt designs (2 series) are now available

do check them out when you are in the area. :D

thanx thanx for all the support~~!! :D

below are the samples of the designs:

finally~~!! ;P

finally gotten a blog acct after viewing so many of my friend's blogs ;P